Thursday, January 29, 2009

Will You Marry Me? [EBT Carnival]

Ah yes, the long-awaited Valentine's Day tale and Etsy Bloggers Carnival Entry! 

Russell and I had known each other for four months and we were pretty crazy about each other.  He would come to Ohio from Tennessee about once a month to visit, and I already had plans to move there.  So, naturally, I wanted this Valentine's Day to be special.  I arranged for dinner at a very nice, very expensive fondue restaurant.

Over the wonderful cheese fondue he carefully took my hand (skirting the hot fondue pot) and asked me to marry him.  Naturally, I said yes.  He gave me a beautiful ring that had belonged to his mother.  Engagement on Valentine's Day is, yes, incredibly sappy (but easy to remember!  which in fact he does, seemingly better than our wedding anniversary).

Fondue is a curious thing.  He'd make comments for months about "paying so much for food you have to cook yourself."  I grew up in the 80s with a mom who follows the latest gourmet trends, so we'd had fondue parties all the time.  I was around 10 at the time, and trust me, kids and fondue don't mix too well.  We had our share of mishaps, about which I warned Russ, since this was the first time he'd ever had fondue.  Things like:  getting the food on your fork while holding it in your hand can potentially result in twin holes in your hand not unlike mini vampire bites.  Eating off a fondue fork that just came out of hot oil is guaranteed to result in a nasty lip blister.  It's great when you can prevent an accident with someone else's foreknowledge.

Well, I had a potato in the oil (which I think was a little on the hot side), and it gave this terrific fried potato POP! that (according to Mr. Melodrama, with much gesticulating),  "sent a Glob of Hot Oil flying INCHES from my EYE!!"

He still makes the sign of warding against evil at the word "fondue," since naturally he would NEVER miss an opportunity to tell the story about how I tried to kill him on our engagement night.


Thyme2dream said...

lol, what a cute story! and I LOVE that wrapped heart pendant:)!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree, that's an awesome story!

Anne said...

I love the caged heart! Lovely story of your engagement.

Nancy said...

I love the pendant and great story!

Randomocity said...

That is hilarious! Fondue is just a curious word altogether. I love your stuff-you are very talented.