Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Niu Year

Here in the United States we wear green for St. Patrick's Day.  I propose we wear red for Chinese New Year!  Red was once thought to frighten away the beast Nian ("year"), which is why red lanterns and decorations are still used.  There are so many cool traditions associated with this holiday.  To celebrate the Year of the Ox (Niu), I give you some beautiful items from the many brilliantly talented artisans on Etsy.

The Ox symbolizes calm, hard work, resolve and tenacity.  How are you doing on those Western New Year resolutions?  Maybe now is the time to renew your resolve.

Bronze Silk Tarot Pouch Embroidered with Chinese Zodiac Ox by Rainfeather13

This would be very fortuitous to keep your tarot deck in, of course, but if you're a gamer it occurs to me that it'd give your dice some great chi, as well.  (I told you I was a geek!)  Find other beautiful embroidery, including other Chinese zodiac symbol bags, in Rainfeather's shop.

Chinese New Year Inspired Red Origami Earrings by Bashful Bunnie

When I went hunting for Chinese New Year goodies on Etsy, what I really wanted was a pretty lantern.  But look at these cool lantern-like origami earrings!   I love them!  Go buy them before I decide to, they're a steal!!  Or, pick up a pair in black, patterned paper, pink or gold.  <3

50 Origami Lights - Rainbow Shades by Whimsidoodle

It wouldn't be Chinese New Year without paper lanterns, and while Origami is a Japanese art, these would make a fine addition to any New Year celebration... or anywhere you want really pretty lights!  Imagine decorating a ficus tree with them, or hanging them in an atrium or enclosed porch.  Perfect mood, instantly. 

Dragon Vinyl Wall Decal by Singlestone Studios

No New Year would be complete without a dragon for luck.  Now you can adopt one to watch over an area of your home and keep the luck with you year-round.  And how COOL is it!?  I've wanted to do an Oriental-themed room for ages (preferably my bedroom), and this would be so perfect.

There were tons of nifty dragon items on Etsy, but I settled on this one.  If you're a dragon person like I am you owe it to yourself to do the search over there. 

To my friends in places where your New Year is just beginning, Xin Nian Kuai Le, 新年快乐  (happy new year). 


BeadedTail said...

Happy Niu Year to you! What great finds!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I had to chuckle at how your Otto lays with his tail in front of the monitor! That is just so typical kitty isn't it? And yes, they take over the whole desk when you get a flat panel! said...

I really like your blog and this great post. Happy Niu Year from a guy born in the year of the ox.