Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Naked Against the Sky ... Etsy Picks for the Week

I have always believed that if magic exists in the world, it exists in trees.  Every aspect of their yearly death and rebirth is glorious and magical.  They sleep now in my part of the world, and this is my tribute to them and to several very talented artists of Etsy.

Glass Wine Carafe, Hand Etched by DayDreemDesigns

I think perhaps my wine deserves this beautiful etched carafe.  This isn't the paste on stuff you buy for etching at the craft store... these are diamond-tip etched.  Check the store for matching candle holders.

Papercuts - Picnic by PaperCutDieCut

Go now and look at the other pictures for this item (and the rest of the store!).  This was cut BY HAND, every angle.  If you've ever done any decoupage you know how hard and time consuming this is!  There were so many things in this store I could have included but I liked the reflection in this one.

Sterling Silver Pietersite Tree of Life Bracelet by Shellamie

There are a lot of "tree of life" pendants and other jewelry out there, but no one does them better than Shellamie.  I love the delicate simplicity of this bracelet, so that the focus is on the stone and the tree adorning it.  This is wirework at its best.

A Place of Dreaming (original painting) by Jaime Best of BestArt Studios

Another shop I had a heck of a time picking something from.  If you like trees, Jaime has all sorts of them, with both prints and originals available.  I chose this one because the eerie light of the moon behind the trees, which they seem to be embracing, enchanted me.  A place of dreaming, indeed.


A Bay Horse said...

A Place of Dreaming is beautiful. The way the trees reach around is almost spooky but gorgeous. I really like it. :)

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I agree tree's are magical...I'm sure of that!! Just walk in an old forest and listen to the whispers.
OK, so I sound weird now!!):
Thanks for the insomnia suggestions I'll give them a try. Mind you for this lsdt week I've found a use for my insomnia...when I get time I'll blog about it.

Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

these are all terrific pieces - thanks for helping me fill out my favorites list!

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