Saturday, January 10, 2009

Magic Hands, Magic Soap

Winter Grapefruit Soap Bar by Magic Hands Soap

If you've been reading my blog for a while (has anyone?  *echo, echo*) you know that I discovered the wonders of handmade soap a while ago.  And I'm hooked.  The lather, the scent, the luxurious feel of it.  Since I discovered it, I've been so excited to try handmade soap that I keep jumping from one soap seller on Etsy (and at a few craft fairs) to another.  I haven't returned to any.

Of course, some are better than others.  My very favorite of the many I've tried has been Magic Hands' Mulled Cider Shea Butter soap.  The lather was sinful the way a chocolate cake is blissfully sinful, and that homey, spicy scent filled not only my bathroom but my adjoining bedroom, as well.  I bought one of her salt bars and a couple of bars for my mother-in-law, as well (haven't used them yet).  I think - and I hope I'm wrong? - that the mulled cider might've been a holiday promotional scent.  I sure would like more of it, but I'm also happy to try some of her others.  My husband would love the one pictured.

At any rate, I will be buying from Magic Hands again.  I have a little bag (a Bath & Body Works bag... I find that somewhat ironic and amusing, since I will probably not buy anything but their foaming hand soap from them again) almost full of Etsy soap, so once I use some of it up I'll be back to her shop.  My advice to you is... try it!


Sabine said...

I am reading your yes I also love handmade soaps,and could buy every day a new one..haha..and my favorite soaps are mostly from the USA,so it´s expensive to order for me..oh happy saoping ;)

Dana said...

Ahhh...handcrafted soap! Wouldn't use anything else. Of course, I think *my* cold-process soap is the absolute best for skin conditioning and moisturizing. When are in the market to try another seller, please visit me!

Dana @ Soap Sense