Friday, November 20, 2009

Not enough hours...

Red River Jasper Pendant available at Fragrant Mushroom Gallery
(or if you really want it, message me, I can get it to you!)

It seems like there just aren't enough hours in a day. I have so many plans for things to make, but between working on my yard and playing with my horse, I seem to have time to make enough stuff to send to Fragrant Mushroom Gallery here locally and not much more than that. So if you're local, go see my new stuff!

I just received a shipment of gold filled, argentium and niobium rings from C&T Designs (I haven't said it lately, but they're the best...) so I'm working on an assortment of chainmaille pendants in those materials, and playing with oxidizing some copper and silver. I also just got some wire from Monsterslayer and Parawire so MAYBE I'll find a few hours to wrap some of that stash of gorgeous stones I've got (I have this blue topaz, and a green amethyst... I can't wait to see what becomes of them). I'll take pictures!

This weekend two Gallery teams will be setting up holiday windows at the Gallery, so be sure to stop by and vote for your favorite, and see the new items everyone's bringing out for Christmas. If you haven't been over there (and you're local), GO! The talent is astonishing.

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