Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Win some fairy magic!

I've been in love with the work of my fellow Wire Artisans' Guild member Karla (Thyme2Dream) since I first saw it not long after I found Etsy. She creates pure magic in wire and glass. I've even tried to imitate her work... not very successfully.

Kansas City Street Team is sponsoring a contest this month giving away the beautiful choker above so be sure to head over to their blog for your chance to win a little bit of Karla's magic!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Hey all, I'm still here, spending my mornings horsing around, my afternoons working (and sometimes evenings if I horsed around too much), evenings with the fam and trying to squeeze in some jewelry making for the upcoming holiday rush in there somewhere. Most of my jewelry is heading to the Fragrant Mushroom Gallery here in town but I'm hoping to get some cool new stuff posted in my Etsy shop soon, too. I'm thinking Christmas already so I'm planning some cool ornaments and things.

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The above bracelet has been sold but it's inspired me to start a new line of awareness bracelets (and possibly other jewelry). I have plans for breast cancer awareness and other forms of cancer (did you know there's a ribbon for many of them? I had a recent custom order from the lady who ordered this one and wanted a lung cancer awareness bracelet as well), support our troops, and autism awareness. Got a cause? I'd be happy to help you design something to commemorate it. If you'd like one similar to the one above (the ring, ribbon or clasp may be slightly different), just drop me a line.

I'm currently working on a black enameled copper viking knit chain for Thor, who owns the gallery, as well as a bead-woven choker, some new chainmaille in sterling and, my favorite, niobium. I'm making more wire-braided bracelets, and of course I have all these pretty rocks to do stuff with....

and the best thing is I'm inspired again after an entire summer of being distracted and uninspired.