Friday, January 16, 2009

Make a Difference

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"I will open the doors of government and ask you to be involved in your own democracy again." -- Barack Obama

I mostly avoid social commentary on this blog, although I make no secret that I am a happy Liberal who adores the new President (so far). I have compared him to FDR and he is making great use of the Internet in his own style of fireside chats. At any citizen could go and propose or vote on issues that matter to them. I saw somewhere that voting ended yesterday (sorry, I guess I'm slow on the draw), but the idea is that the administration will now work with nonprofit sponsors for each idea to make some changes.

It is a mark of the power of the blogging community that the request to amend the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was SIXTH on this list of issues and will be landing in a report on the new President's desk. If you're reading a blog I'm guessing you know about this already but in case not, it is a proposed law mandating that those who make products for children pay for third-party testing for their products to ensure safety. It's a good idea, but the way it is written now, it would make it impossible for crafters and small businesses to make anything at all for kids and turn a profit.

Think about that -- sixth! -- out of the volumes of social issues facing our troubled society. For those of you who supported this, kudos. For everyone else, you have an invitation. Go to and get involved. Click on the sticker above and put it on your blog to support this movement. Support other causes that matter to you. The last eight years have created an environment of "whats the point" in the minds of the citizenry, but that is about to change. You don't have to be an activist. You have every opportunity to stay connected via the Internet, and your President has invited you to do so. Even more so, if you're a blogger -- even if you're not a social issues blogger -- you can make a difference.

A note: this site should not be confused with, which is the President-elect's official site, and where you can find his weekly address (and which I also encourage you to check out and subscribe to), although they haven't made them easy to find in one place. You can also search "obama weekly address" on YouTube for the latest address.

Welcome to a new era.


Lenox Knits said...

Yay! how exciting. Hopefully this will help the cause. February is coming very quickly though. said...

Very optimistic outlook. I believe that is a good sign. All the best, America.

Jean Menden said...

Thanks for the blog help on the wwj list. I will try some of those suggestions- I love your liberal attitude and I totally agree. Finally I am able to be encouraged that change may actually happen.

Marlaine said...

Those of us in Canada are looking forward to positive change along with you!

Nancy said...

I am also quite the liberal and welcome this new change with hope and promise -- we could definitely use an uplifting after the past few years!

KAT said...

I'm seriously hoping for a change!
We all need one, that's for sure!

I have tagged you over at my blog, and hope you will come over and play!

Take care,