Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Expectations

It's the craziest thing... I buy cabochons, or gemstones, or beads... and sometimes I get a really good deal on ones that I like pretty well, but they're nothing special.  Other times, I find ones I LOVE that I MUST have because they're gorgeous.

And the gorgeous ones sit in my box of rocks.  You should see my pretty rock collection.  I sit on my lunch hour and look at them.  I can picture them finished, but there's an intimidation factor in trying to do them justice.

Then, when I go to create something with those perfect cabochons, I HATE it.  (the one above falls into this category... the wire was too thick too stiff, and one of the bail wires snapped... it's not symmetrical... I plan on redoing it)  Especially if I knew just what I wanted to do with it.  It never looks like I meant it to.  I might as well throw away my sketchbook.  But  I take one of my "ugly" rocks and some cheap copper or colored wire, and just play with it...

Those are the ones that come out spectacular. 

And my favorite creations end up being the ones that don't photograph well, and the stuff I was lukewarm about at the bench blows me away when I look at the photos.

Yesterday I decided I have GOT to get some finished products out of that box of rocks, so I grabbed the one my husband said was "ugly" (it's a gray stone with red, chohua jasper) and some copper, and... well, I'll be doing some pictures today so when I get them done I'll put a pic here and you can judge for yourself.  I'm really happy with the wrap, though.

Is nothing ever the way I expect it to be?  Does anyone else have this problem?


Lenox Knits said...

I totally relate. Sometimes a yarn I got on sale with no real expectations for turns into a favorite piece. And then there are the ones I'm somewhat indifferent to that photograph really well for some reason. It really is a mystery but it keeps it interesting.

Dashery Jewelry said...

I also have a collection of stones and beads that I love and don't make anything out of. I think I want them to be mine forever, but if I make them into something, they'll have to go away.

And I don't think that I've ever had a design that I've actually sketched out turn out anything like the picture. It must be the nature of creativity.

Bella Casa said...

I don't make jewelry, so I can't relate, but that is one beautiful necklace!!! :)

Thanks for participating in my Etsy Blog Party!!! It's going to be so much fun seeing what everyone makes :)

Anonymous said...

I have that problem too! I have a box full of pendants that I either spent a lot of money on or a lot of time making. Now they sit there because I am never sure what I can design around them to do them justice.

Carol said...

Yes yes yes!! I become totally intimidated when I get a fabulous new idea. I procrastinate and procrastinate just planning it in my head until I think I'm going to BURST! When I finally sit down and make myself create it.....I'm totally amazed! Maybe all creative people work this way?? I don't know....but at least two of us do!

Nancy said...

I'd love to see your box of rocks :). This piece is amazing, you know I love your pieces!

Body Natural Soap said...

Ohhh I can can totally see where your coming from. I am always surprised at what soap I am going to sell and what doesn't. I made the most horrible looking soap not long ago. Decided to give it away away at work since it was just so ugly. That is my most requested soap now. Still to ugly for etsy. Just cant bare to put it up.