Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nutshell [BF Carnival]

I recently joined Artfire's BlogFire guild, and for the guild's first carnival we're expected to do an introduction. 

Well, everybody likes talking about themselves, and I am no exception. 
The basics:
30something (the something indicates the back half of the 30s, doesn't it)
happily married
one son, scarily near 16
live in rural Tennessee

I have a restlessly creative spirit.  I love poetry and reading, but I like nonfiction, fantasy and science fiction (but it must be well written, I can't stand "formula.")  I have written poetry.  I have journaled for years, but this blog seems to stand in for the most part, these days.  I think I should get back to journaling, most likely.  Lately the poet-muses have mostly left me in the care of the metal muse.

I love animals.  I share my home with Rascal (a shih tzu-sheltie mix), Dink (a yorkie-sheltie mix, Rascal's half brother), my 5 cats, and a Senegal parrot whose only word is "up" although she does some great sound effects.  I rode horses as a teenager and have dreamed of having a horse for as long as I can remember, a dream I hope to realize in the near future now that I've moved somewhere it doesn't cost the same as a mortgage to keep one.

I consider myself nerdily cool.  I adore the Renaissance era, reenacting it, costuming it (although sewing is something I have not conquered yet), and especially learning Renaissance dances, which I teach to middle school kids.  I love Renfaires.  I have been addicted to MMORPGs (but have broken free... they eat your life).  I play D&D or Star Wars RPG on the weekends. 

I am Liberal.  I have high hopes for Mr. Barack.  Nuff said.

My religious journey has been circuitous and I am still a wanderer. The confusion of my past has left me reluctant to discuss my beliefs.  One thing that I have firmly decided, though, is that I shall judge no one's creed.  It is not my place.

I moved from Cleveland, Ohio to rural Tennessee to marry my husband Russ almost four years ago.  I love Tennessee.  The character, the landscape, the relaxed way of life.  The picture above is from our Renaissance wedding celebration, complete with handfasting ceremony we designed ourselves.  It was a blast.  In a few days I shall tell the tale of our engagement, since the EtsyBloggers carnival asked for Valentine stories.

A year ago I took a metalsmithing class and shortly thereafter learned to make chainmaille, which then extended to wire wrapping, and lately I've been doing some bead weaving.  Creating things is my passion and I think, after trying so very many creative things (under my bed are supplies that would fit in nearly every aisle of my local craft store), I have found my outlet. 


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself! I can hardly wait to hear your engagement story :)

Athena's Armoury said...

It's so nice getting to know you! I, too, am looking forward to hearing your engagement story. Your wedding looks like it was a ton of fun!

Lenox Knits said...

Hi! thanks for sharing all that. I feel like I know you much better now! We had a Medieval themed reception with a handfasting ceremony as well. Your ceremony looked lovely. I'll have to post pics of my reception on my blog soon.

twenty pound tabby said...

At first I thought your Renaissance wedding picture was of an SCA event. Just goes to show I got to go to something other than SCA events! :-)

Christa said...

I love birds. I would love to hear more about your sennie.
The jewelry is beautiful!

Lisa Human: Human Touch Designs said...

Thanks for the intro! I'm such an admirer of chainmaille (sorry if I botched the spelling there). You create such beautiful work! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Bear Chick said...

What a beautiful wedding photo! Must have been so much fun.