Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We can't afford CPSIA

I had thought, since I don't generally make children's products, that this law wouldn't affect me much.  Here's a wonderful, eye-opening post that proves otherwise.  It affects all of us.  Just the cost of things that your children MIGHT use is going to go through the roof.  This is not what the economy needs right now. 

Do read Altered Events' post on the subject and consider giving your Congress folk a call or send a note.  Since I can't say much better than this, I give you a link rather than an essay.  And if you're a blogger, please give this a mention on your blog.

Bloggers Unite!  Wednesday January 28 CPSIA Blog In


Nancy said...

It's a dumb law!

CB said...

Aye, its a very disheartening law. I know that there are even rumors that soon polymer clay artists will be asked to test their finished products too. It's just crazy what people come up with in this kind of economy. It really isn't something us little guys can afford.

Truly you have my support and I am posting something about this on my blog.