Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Etsy Valentine

My Etsy Valentine:  Hearts, Chocolates and Flowers #8
A daily feature until Valentine's Day

Beautiful Glass Rose by RDG Designs

I haven't got time to blog much today, I've had what is going on a vicious 2-day migraine that is making sitting at my desk to work a real chore.  I will relate that my valentine brought home a huge box of truffles for an early Valentine present and rubbed my neck to ease the headache, because he's awesome.  Although he's obviously not reading my blog ;)  So I feel safe telling YOU I bought him handmade dark chocolate raspberry amour cordials from Carnival at Etsy.  Boy it was tough choosing, though.  Browsing "chocolate" under the Plants & Edibles section with PMS and no chocolate in the house is akin to torture, and I think I deserve kudos!  I have chocolate now, though, so all is good.  Except for the head feeling like it's going to explode part.

I didn't want to go to bed without leaving you your Valentine suggestion for the day, though.  I haven't done anything in the way of flowers yet.  The beauty of roses fades, but not this one.  This one, like your love, will last forever (or at least until you have toddlers).  I give you permission to use that line, too.  This isn't the only rose in RDG's garden, either, they have pendants and vases you could put some real ones in.  You'd better hurry up, though.


Anonymous said...

wow...what a cool rose!