Friday, February 13, 2009

February's EtsyBlogger: DonnaPool

Darnit, I'm late again.  Sorry bout that.  Geez is it the 13th already.. wait... Friday..  ack.

Anyway, two thumbs up for February's EtsyBlogger, DonnaPool.  The goodies in her shop include some really funny buttons (I love the one above!) and some important buttons (including one no CPSIA button), some gorgeous photography including photos of vintage cameras, a lot of nifty vintage photography and buttons, keychains, ACEOs, some baby snugglies, and more.  It's terribly eclectic and you really must go browse.

And her blog is just terribly cool for anyone who crafts, or has kids.  Check it out!

[In case you're looking for Friday Inspiration, I'm putting it off a day because I'm way late on the featured EtsyBlogger.  Come back tomorrow!  Too many things to write about, too little time...]


My Etsy Valentine: Hearts, Chocolates and Flowers #11
A daily feature till Valentine's Day

Stepping Stones Chainmaille Bracelet & Earrings by Maille Mystique

It's crunch time, Buster.  You're thinking OH CRAP I FORGOT!  And you run to Wal-Mart and shop the "fancy" stuff they keep in the jewelry case, not hanging on the wall.

STOP!!!!  Put that down.  That stuff is crap, I'm telling you.  It'll break,  or the gold finish will wear off.  Far better for you to buy her something drop-dead GORGEOUS that she'll wear with everything from jeans to little black dress.  Something totally unique.  Something all the girls will oooh and ahhh over.  I'm thinking sterling.  I'm thinking Maille Mystique.

There are only a couple of queens of chainmaille in my mind and Deb is one of them (the other one invented the weave).  I mean, look at that stuff.  It's perfect in every way.   It absolutely glows, but it's not so gaudy as to overwhelm the lady wearing it.  What woman would that not look gorgeous on?  You want gold?  Go look at Deb's shop, she's got it.  And I swear, when your pretty lady wears that to the party, NO ONE else is going to be wearing anything like it, which you can't say about that Wal-Mart crap!

So here's what you're going to do.  You're going to tell your lady you ordered her something amazing but it's not here yet, and you're going to go buy something that IS amazing.  And Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so you have time to make that true!  And... make sure you take her out to dinner.


Arzu said...

*gasp* That chain maille is stunning! No wonder you call her one of the queens of the art. Now if only I had a man so I could convince him to buy it for me :p

maillemystique said...

Thank you so much! What a lovely write up. I'm a 'queen'. You have made my day!

tstreasures said...

I strive to one day be a princess under Deb's reign as Queen.

SLColman said...

That is absolutely amazing.... *drool*
-Stephanie from

Nancy said...

I don't know that everyone that sews has a red tomato, but it's a very common design in sewing I'm guessing lots do. I love your point though! Who wouldn't want to have some very unique and beautiful for V-Day!

Lisa Human: Human Touch Designs said...

Gorgeous necklace and earrings!

Jennifer said...

Her pieces are amazing! I need to learn some of those weaves. Wow. Thanks for bringing her to my attention.