Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Jell-o Week But I Want Chocolate

So I didn't post yesterday. So you missed out on the Valentine Item of the day. So you get two today. And a poem because it's Sunday. Maybe even a love poem. But that's it, because I'm grouchy. Oh, and your Valentine's items will contain chocolate because it's that kind of day. If my husband is reading this, take that as a hint.

By the way, Etsy searches that look delectably yummy but turn out to be inedible are really annoying. My soap, and random knicknacks, should not taunt me that way. Just sayin'.

My Etsy Valentine: Hearts, Chocolates and Flowers #5
A daily feature till Valentine's Day

Chocolate Rum Balls by Cake Ball Factory

I'll just quote from the description. "Rum balls are a truffle-like confections, being sweet, dense balls flavored with chocolate and rum and are roughly the size of a golf ball."
I haven't even tasted them and I give them two thumbs up.

My Etsy Valentine: Hearts, Chocolates and Flowers #6
A daily feature till Valentine's Day

Chocolate Hearts Box by Moi Chocolates

K. Your love gives you chocolates, you eat them, and are faced with a heart-shaped box of crinkle paper cups. Sadness. Not in this case. You eat the chocolates, then the box! This is win.

Okay, poetry. Please bear in mind that I am an all-over-the-page poet, but Blogger eats my format. Curse you, Blogger, I will eat a truffle for you.

I left my sanity at your doorstep
swaddled in the love I used to have for it
with a note
asking you to take good care of my baby.
There's that element of surprise
a wash of wonder that twists my gut
when I marvel at trust reborn.
and yes
this is a love poem in all its naked graphic glory
laid bare
because not all of the feelings are sweet and tender --
they crash through me like a modern symphony
seeking to do something new
because sweetness and tenderness
were overdone by the
Classical fools who came before
singing the same songs
over and over.
No, this song is different.
I've been listening, telling myself "madness,"
and it is, but
I suddenly found myself swept up in the
mad cacophony, given over to it without
I give you my body
to play
to coax out if it this passion
that lifts the feet of heart, soul and mind
from the ground with it,
swaddles it
in a once-dear rational thought
and drops it at a peaceful-looking residence
so achingly far away.


One Creative Queen said...

Great poem - but better yet, your bad mood cracked me UP! I don't mean that in a bad's just funny to read what you had to say.

Give it a few days then go back and read this post again. It's hysTERical!


One Creative Queen said...

I'm such a dork - I meant to tell you I've added you to my "Royal Favorites" (blogroll) as well...your blog rocks it! :)

Thanks for adding mine. I'm starting my week with this warm, fuzzy feeling...but then again, I haven't woken the kids up yet!


Youvegotmaille said...

Thanks. I'm apparently amusing when I'm in a bad mood, at least my husband seems to think so. *grin* But I can't complain cause he does buy me chocolate. Or whatever else I'm craving. :)

Nancy said...

Um...I agree with you about the soaps not crossing the line into the sweets category. I've actually been tricked online before thinking cupcakes were cupcakes and not candles! Yeesh. I can't imagine the daily torture of having something like that in my house!

Arzu said...

You have no idea how hungry this blog post made me. Must....have....chocolate.......
*walks around the house zombie-style to find some*

~~louise~~ said...

Happy Jell-O Week!

I wonder why they stopped making chocolate Jell-O anyway.

Maybe my Free! Jell-O give-away will cheer you up. It's not as decadent as those "annoying" pictures, although there is a beautiful picture of a bowl of chocolate Jell-O pictured, there are some spirited Jell-O drink links to help celebrate the day.