Monday, February 16, 2009

Congrats OWOH Winners

These are the two custom bracelets I made for the winners of the One World, One Heart giveaway. 

The black one is headed to Dee Dee Quigley in Hazelton, PA, and the pink and purple one is on its way to Lynda Taylor in Australia.  Congrats to both of you!! :)

I won stuff too!
From Greenish Lady in Ireland I won one of these pretty decoupage bowls/vases:

and from the Dark Artists' Guild (The Studio at Crow Haven Farm) I won this nifty little dude:

Thanks so much, both to those who gave away so many awesome things (I actually managed to visit all 911 blogs!! and found some really cool people in the process), as well as those who came and entered my giveaway.  I had a great time finding new people, and the International aspect of it was really awesome -- I'm thrilled to be sending one of my prizes to an international winner, and to have won something from overseas, too. 

If you really wanted one of those bracelets, you can still have one, of course, just drop by You've Got Maille and let me know what colors you want, I'd be thrilled to make one for you.


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hey there sweetheart, I'm glad you won my little dude! LOL I need to get your address so I ship him off to his new exciting home! He will keep you company in your studio or where you go...he is a very good listener and never talks back! LOL My email address account you can us to send your address information is Thanks again for adding your name in the hat!
Cheers, Michelle

ozlynda said...

My chain maille bracelet arrived in the post today and I LOVE it.
It fits great too.
Thanks so much for having this contest.
I have been so inspired by it all that I am starting a blog too. And when I get some extras done, an etsy store too.
Thanks for the inspiration.