Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Inspiration: Playing With Color

Whatever your visual art, color matters, and sometimes even in other forms of art (dance for example).  Today I propose an experiment to play with your color palette and create something different.

You need:  a favorite painting or photograph, a photo editing program, and a palette of colors in whatever medium you create in.

First, go hunting.  Search the Internet for great paintings, or a photograph that inspires you.  It should have vibrant colors, or if you prefer, a more subdued palette, and it should be something that inspires you.  For me, I adore Monet, and Impressionists are generally perfect for this exercise.. but I think I want to go with a Chinese watercolor this time. 

Once you have your painting (you'll need a computer image of it), open it in your graphics program (Paint works fine).  Then open a new image and draw yourself a square or rectangle.  Go to your painting and use your eye dropper tool to select a color.  Then go to your new image and flood fill your square.  Do this several times until you have a palette of five or so colors (it will depend on how many you can use in your chosen medium) that you like.

Now, to the drawing board (or bead board, or jewelry bench, or polymer clay, or whatever).  Take your palette of colors and just play.  See what is born.

I'd love to see what you create.  My results for last week's inspiration will be posted this weekend.


My Etsy Valentine:  Hearts, Chocolates and Flowers  #4
A daily feature till Valentine's Day

Be My Squidheart by Serene Onion

Seriously, now, what girl wouldn't say "awwwww!!"  I mean, it's Valentine cthulhu!  Fear him and love him!  Her.  Whatever.  Not sure how squid gender works.  Anyway, as his creator says, "There's no better medium for expressing your LURVE than a delectable non-slimy squidlet. It's true."

It's true.  I suppose he's not for everyone, but I know I would cherish him.  He could live on my computer monitor.  Want to be my valentine?


One Creative Queen said...

Hi -

We're friends on Blog Catalog (I think that's where it is lol) - and I just want to say, your blog is awesome. I always find new and fun things to look at - and your pieces on Etsy? YUM. (In a word.) I love it, love it, love it!

Katherine :)

Youvegotmaille said...

Thanks very much :)

Alterity said...

What a fantastic idea to jog that creative block. I will definately be writing this one down!