Sunday, August 3, 2008


I get a little irritated and frustrated when life gets so busy that I don't have time to create. This week there was work, and we had my "niece" in from out of town with her parents. Alli is almost three (okay, I LOVE being Auntie Dee.. we raced around the aquarium in Chattanooga, played throw the kid around and make her giggle games, and threw rocks in the river...) and I had a great time. Still, it meant cramming in other things around the visiting schedule and not much time at the bench.

So I started doing "regular work" (medical transcription) yesterday after they left. I lasted about three hours before I gave in to the urge, and obsessively wove chain and wrapped wire until my hands said "NO more" about 10 hours later. I took out my "in progress" box and wrapped up several projects that I lost steam on, and made a new item I hadn't done before: ear cuffs. I did the pendant at right on Monday -- my first wire wrapped cab. I'm pretty satisfied with the way it turned out. The one thing I didn't get to yesterday was more of those, and I have five or six waiting for me to do them.

I had also ordered some sterling silver rings -- my first silver! from Maille Etc. and I think I'm addicted. Soooooo shiny. They had a really tiny AR (2.8-ish, I think), so I ended up falling back on my old standby byzantine bracelet, but wow with the sterling clasp I'd ordered it came out so pretty. The picture doesn't show it that well but it's a toggle clasp that turns into a rose when you close it. <3 I want more sterling! I need more niobium to finish another project......

So many ideas, so little time. Anyway keep an eye on my Etsy shop (and my flickr, since there are lots of birthdays and my parents' anniversary that I plan to make things for, that won't make it to the shop) for lots of new items this week. I'll probably be listing them a few at a time.


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