Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Stroke of Inspiration

I was thinking about my upcoming shows and marketing in general. I've been doing these stretchy rubber-ringed bracelets in a variety of colors, and suddenly I thought: I could do these custom. I could do a lot of items custom.

Soooo, that led to the idea of making a YGM custom catalog, which shows a variety of basic designs and below that smaller pictures of options for customizing (color, material, beads, charms, etc.) There will be a print version of this for handing out at shows, and an online version at ... tada! my new domain, (don't visit if you're reading this in the next few days after its posting, there's nothing there yet.). This will be a work in progress as I get samples of the various items up. But, hopefully, within the month, fully customizable chainmaille and wire items will be available at

Some of the things available will be:
stretchy bracelets in a variety of weaves
viking star keychains (aka celtic star)
chainmaille choker with customizable charms and dagger bead colors
mother's pendants with Swarovski birth stones
crocheted beaded wire necklaces (wire color/beads)
wallet chains
dice bags
tie chains
and more! stay tuned...


dragonsfirechainmaille said...

Thanks so much for adding me onto your blog. I have done the same for you too!! Hopefully my shop will get a few orders soon and I will feel a little more established. I love making my jewelry, I am soooo hooked! Oh and I did have a question for you, I can't get my slideshow to work on my blog when I try to bring it over from flickr. Is there some trick? Thanks. Tam