Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Teams: Etsy Bloggers

When I heard there was a street team for bloggers I had to join. Despite being a little inactive on this blog for the past two weeks I really do love my blog. Who doesn't like talking about themselves? I had a bit of a problem getting approved on the forum there, unfortunately, but I think I'm up and running now.

In exciting news, EtsyBloggers was featured this month on Storque. If you're interested in joining, check them out at the EtsyBloggers forums.

I'm a bit late but since I've just got this going I'm going to mention the featured member for August: Tulips Treasure Box. Here's her Store and here's her Blog. The store really is a treasure box, where you'll find jewelry, accessories... and speaking as another jeweler, I must say her bead work is fantastic. (the necklace pictured above is available here).

Congrats to the month's featured seller and I'm happy to be an EtsyBlogger :)


Thyme2dream said...

woo hoo, welcome to the Etsybloggers lets hope we can keep up with all the posting, lol! Seriously tho, it looks like a great group and I think it will keep me focused on keeping up with my blogging:)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the etsyBloggers Team and thanking you very much for the lovely feature and compliments.