Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Faery Tales: Etsy Finds Week of 8/4/08

This week we're going to visit a few artifacts from the fairy realm, where time has no meaning and imagination is everything. Think happy thoughts and come with me.

When a friend of mine showed me how to use hair sticks I fell in love with them. Such an easy and elegant updo. Basically you just take your long hair and twist it tightly where a ponytail would be, tuck in at the end, then weave your hair stick through the bun, making sure to catch some of the hair that's close to your head. It takes a little practice but it's worth it. Night Blooming has some gorgeous ones you can practice with and I really loved this one. Behind the fairy is an amber gemstone.

You won't see what an incredible work of art this is until you go to the listing and sort out what you're looking at with each of the pictures . The top of this dollhouse sized dresser is a gorgeous fairy print, and each of the drawers is lined with another from a Brian Froud book. The wire legs are twisted around things that I imagine any fairy would want in her bedroom, including a vial of glass beads. Really, go look, or you are missing a work of art. And you can have it for $20!
I couldn't do a feature on fairies without putting in fairy wings, but this shop made it really hard to choose one. If you're the type that prefers to go to the Renfaire winged, or you're planning any Halloween costume that involves wings, you owe it to yourself to visit this seller. I adore the pheasant feather wings but I thought these were a little more fairy-ish.

Lothlorien Spring Forest Ear wrap Earcuff by Thyme 2 Dream

Most of the items from my fellow FAE team artist Thyme 2 Dream would've been right at home in this article as well. She says in her profile: "I create jewelry for discerning Faerys & Elven Folk and have recently discovered that mortals like it too." Well, this one does for certain. I've always loved ear cuffs and hers are stunning. I hope she'll forgive me for taking a page from her style book as I try creating them, but I think there's probably no matching something like the one here. If elf or fairy is your style, I'm sure there'll be something in her shop that you'll adore.

Green Ocean Jasper Celtic Circlet by Pern Circlets

While I'm at it I'm going to plug another FAE team member and Thyme 2 Dream's other half, because his work is something I'd stand at a Renfaire booth and drool over too. Each item conjures images of Lothlorien, stately mallorn trees and pointy-eared people. A couple of items for guys here, too, including, I think, this one. I also wish I'd been aware of these two shops when I was having my Renaissance wedding, I'd have requested custom work from both of them.


Thyme2dream said...

Hey, thanks for featuring Ian and me in your post!! Im finally getting round to everyone's blogs..yours is delightful! I will pop a link to it over on my blog:-)