Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Time for a Renaissance

So, have I admitted before that I'm a Renaissance junkie? :)

Last night I met with my fellow plotters for a new local Renaissance group. This as-yet unnamed group will be touring the upper Cumberland Tennessee area at local events, performing Renaissance dances, skits, and if we have enough bodies, a Human Chess Match. I am the designated dance consultant, since for the past two years I have worked with the middle school's Renaissance Club (sadly not operating this year, but this group has grown out of it) teaching the kids Renaissance dances including French Bransles and English Country Dances. I'm hoping to do some cool stuff this time around, interspersing the dances with some dialogue and humor. My co-conspirators consist of Kris and Sherry, designated seamstresses, and Carrol Lee, who is coordinating. There are several others we will bring in, including Brad the Music Man, but he was working with the jazz band. Our performers will range from ages around 14 to *cough* not saying.

Along the way we hope to raise awareness of the period and get the community interested in history that isn't the Civil War :) Any effort in cultural directions is a good thing " 'round these parts." I'm also the group's tech person so I'll be setting up a web site in the near future and will blab more about it when it happens.

The picture above is from my own Renaissance wedding 2 1/2 years ago. Does Russ not look adorable in his poofy pants? ;)


twenty pound tabby said...

Thanks for your comments on my watercolor pencil drawing and giving me a lead back to your blog. It looks like we do a lot of the same things. I don't do maille, but do English country dance and many other period things, partly because I'm in the SCA but mostly because I just like doing them. We know a LOT of period songs too.