Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's boring, but it's there.

Peer pressure! Just cause Rachelle has one meant I had to have one...
So I made a website on weebly. As if I have more time to waste with web-things, when I should be doing work, and I'm already spending lots of time blogging, forum-ing, shopping (Bad Dee!) and general surfing. And doing graphics for all of the above. And searching for inspiration, which is to be had all over the place. And looking at free tutorials. Anyway, the Officially Uninspiring You've Got Maille website exists but is incredibly bland, for now. Darn you Rachelle! :) I may put helpful articles there. I may feature Etsy and chainmaille artists. I may.. write complete nonsense and make all the pictures upside down.

In other news, I got a message from someone at Belle Armoire magazine asking me to submit pieces of my jewelry for consideration for publication. :) I'm pretty excited about this but am having a hard time deciding what to send, or if I should make something new... I have a pretty pretty ceramic pendant from Hannahfaerie and lots of ideas for it (but no rings, alas... they're en route), and I think I may send that when it's done, if it comes out the way I hope it will. I definitely need new snazzy photographs. Therefore my plan is to construct a light box to take pictures of... something. I'll keep you posted on what goes on with this opportunity; apparently if my jewelry is chosen, I get to write an article about it, as well. Sweet!

Why the gnome? I dunno he's cute and posts are more fun with pictures, and I'm in a good mood because my son Brandon's coming home day after tomorrow, after 7 weeks with his dad. And he's gonna make chainmaille stuff with me. What do gnomes have to do with good moods? Definitely depends on the kind of gnome. That is a good mood gnome, trust me.


De Lavande said...

HA HA I Made You Make A Web Site :) Blog Looks Great I'm Sure The Web Site Will Too. Congratz on the honor of the publication I'm sure any of your pieces would be perfect. But I'll be more than happy to help pick :)