Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Worth a Chuckle" Etsy Finds Week of 6/30/08

This week I thought I'd present a few finds that made me laugh. Some are cute, some are subtly funny, some are downright LOL.

Carnival Style Goldfish in a Bag Soap by Sugar Booger's Boutique

Back in the day (and I think still) you could go to any county fair, toss a ping pong ball in a goldfish bowl, and take the sad creature home with you. Man, goldfish have a bad lot in life, now that I think about it. We had a pair of fish, my brother and I, that were fair wins. They lived in fishbowls for maybe a year, and then we decided we needed an aquarium with African cichlids, and Goldie and Silver got to live with the exotics. Let me tell you, goldfish poo can clog an aquarium filter. As I recall it, the cichlids all died because I couldn't keep up (well, maybe I was a little lazy, I was 12), and Goldie and Silver lived on in the green water, and ultimately went for a swim in the creek behind the house. I think they lived with us for something like five years, and no doubt survived the creek, too. Tenacious things, those mini-carp.
Anyway! let this adorable soap stroll YOU down memory lane as you free the little fishie from his soapy prison, and get yourself clean in the process!
Have You Seen My Balls Black Dog Tee by Molly McB & Company

Yep, this one made me laugh out loud. Did you know that they now make a product called Nuticles, which are prosthetic dog jewels that your veterinarian can put on your dog so that, even though he hasn't got the goods, it looks like he does?
That costs a lot of money, though, and this t-shirt is funnier.

Cupcake Hat by Knittin Mama

If you're gonna sell baby products get a cute baby to do it, and Knittin Mama definitely has :) I wanna PINCH those CHEEKS! And, oh man, think about being able to pop open the photo album on prom night and show the girlfriend with the nose piercing how cute Junior was with a cupcake on his head! Priceless.

Instruments of War T-Shirt by Michael Phipps Art

There are lots of people who don't "get" my sense of humor. I suspect the person whose mind generated this design would. I like my humor subtle, wry, a bit on the dry side. Duelling pluckers, happy polka people... THIS MEANS WAR! Love it.


Michael Phipps said...

As the creator of the "Instruments of War" shirt, first a "thank you" for including me here.

I've kept one of the shirts for myself, and it's always interesting to see the reactions I get to it. Some people "get it" right away, but other times I hear "what's with the accordion?" He he...

By the way, I opted not to include any text on the shirt to keep it subtle...