Monday, July 28, 2008

Cup of Joe: Etsy Finds Week of 7/21/08

Since I'm waking up and settling in with my trusty morning cup(s) of coffee, I thought I'd do a coffee feature this week. I like mine sweet and creamy, a flavored cafe latte, or on a hot day a good frozen mochacchino.

Coffee Bean Soap By Naiad

I haven't tried handmade soap yet, though it's on my list of Etsy buys I must make. This soap by Naiad has a stiff dose of your morning joe for the shower, before you ever stumble to the coffeemaker. I think it would really make me want my coffee, and it'd better be made when I step out all soapy and precaffeinated :)

Coffee Quote Cards Set by BBesigns

Handmade cards with a hand written message by you are so much nicer than glitter-covered, lousy poetry, store-bought cards. BBesigns obviously appreciates a good cup of java. This set of 6 cards is more or less all-purpose with quotes like "Man does not live by coffee alone. Have a Danish," but there are occasion coffee-inspired quotes as well, like "Retirement is one great big giant coffee break," and "Thanks a latte." For those tea drinkers among you, there are cards for you, as well, and champagne, and other stuff that's just cute.

Coffee Cozy by Recycled Jeans

There were lots of coffee cozies when I searched "coffee" on Etsy, and I really hadn't planned on including one... somehow some crocheted fuzzy thing around my coffee doesn't work for me. Besides, they have those sleeve thingies at the coffee shop.
But when I saw this one I had to include it, because it's just really pretty work, and if I wrapped this around my java I'd actually be making it cooler. But still keeping it hot. And it's upcycled stuff. How nifty is that?

Coffee by Barbed Wire

I like the collage, it's coffee, and it reminds me of a Monty Python cartoon somehow. The strip along the bottom is a coffee-stained definition of coffee. Coolness.

Pair of Mugs by KH Phillips/Mudstuffing

I also looked at a lot of coffee mugs in my search for this feature, and these were easily my favorite. I love the rich coffee color, the depth of the glaze in the swirls, the nifty little feet. Plus, he's got a crazy cool slogan: He throws, he sews. Love it :)


BBesigns said...

Great article

Thanks for including my cards.

Amy said...

Where would we be without coffee? Back in our caves I guess... Thanks for including me in this great collection.