Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FAE Auction to benefit one of our members

I'm now an official member of Fantasy Artists of Etsy (FAE) street team. :) As a member, I want to plug an auction for a watercolor painting (that I love) that is being auctioned to benefit one of our members.

Brief Respite was painted for Nora Blansett,by Valorie at Battlemaiden Studio, fellow fantasy artist and a member of the Fantasy Artists of Etsy (FAE). Nora recently underwent surgery, and FAE got together and donated a beautiful art doll to auction and make this time a little easier on her and her family. The doll is receiving her finishing touches by one of our talented members right now, so in the mean time Valorie will be auctioning this original watercolor painting, and all profits will be sent on to Nora as well!

Brief Respite is an original 9x12 ink and watercolor painting. Bid here:
I'm SURE the current bid is for far less than the painting is worth, so you may get a heck of a bargain in the process. Definitely go check it out.

The auction will end at 11:59PM July 15th. At that time, Valorie will list the painting on Etsy for sale to the high bidder. Shipping to the US is $5. To win, just on the blog linked at the bottom of this message with your bid. Be sure to check back and make sure you haven't been out-bid. Be sure to include your E-mail address so she can contact you if you're the high bidder.


Athena's Armoury said...

Welcome to FAE!

It's such a beautiful painting for such a good cause. Thanks for helping promote it.