Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend in Knoxville

Been away for the weekend. I took Brandon to his interview for Tennessee Governor's Academy in Knoxville. I've decided I like the town - big city convenience without a big city feel. I think Bran did pretty well and he's really excited about the opportunity - he'll get to choose a research area and work with a researcher as a mentor at Oak Ridge National Labs, if accepted, live on campus with 23 peers in an environment designed to encourage inquiry and learning. I think it was made for him, really. Fingers crossed - we'll find out May 1 if he was chosen to attend.

While he was interviewing and testing I paid a visit to University of Tennessee Gardens and traipsed their greenways, discovered the amazing Young-Williams Animal Center (oh my goodness, what an amazing adoption facility!! Check out the link. If Bran goes to TGA he needs to volunteer there, and I'll be jealous) and a really cool store called Aimee's Bohemian Jewelry and Gifts. Something really cool about having a few hours of completely free time in a new place and just discovering it - not something you often get to do close to home, or even on vacation.


storybeader said...

sounds like a great trip - and your son (?) is a cutie!

momofthree99 said...

As the mother of a former TGA student, I would strongly recommend against attending TGA. More than half of the students of the classes have dropped out. The school promises one thing then delivers something totally different. My daughter went there and HATED it. The staff is a group of intellectuals who have NO skills to deal with teenagers. My daughter feels that she has a lost a year of her life at that hell hole. Tell your son to look up some former students and see what it is really like. Did you notice that there were no current students on campus during your interview weekend? I wish I had investigated the school more thoroughly before sending my child there. I naively took their word that the school was what they said. It is not! The kids especially felt like they were prisoners on the weekends and wait until your son tastes the food! We were told it would be cooked by a private chef and would be all the dishes the kids liked. HA! They ate beef or turkey noodles every night and the TSD food was inedible. The housing staff is the most inept group I have ever seen. The thought of them caring for my child day and night (after learning what they were like) makes my skin crawl. This school has permanently damaged my daughter's self esteem and her faith in the education system.