Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy... Tax Day?

Rolling Stone Pendant at You've Got Maille

Not sure if it's because I've been listing daily, or because spring is in the air, or the economy is picking back up, or people are getting tax refunds back already, but sales have been pretty good for me lately. So there ARE some people out there with some money!

On an entirely unrelated note, my son Brandon's made it to the final round of consideration for Tennessee Governor's Academy (see THIS POST if you don't know what I'm talking about, and you care).

So in honor of all this good news, I propose...


If you've been contemplating buying from me, head over to either store to browse. With any purchase, a second item of equal or lesser value will be 40% OFF!! That's from either store, and if you want one thing from YGM and one thing from SR, go for it, I'll adjust your shipping and your totals, just send me a convo before you pay. Also let me know you saw this in my blog, since I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to make this a blog-exclusive sale.

This will last through April 20. I'll be out of town Friday and Saturday while Bran interviews for TGA, so anything ordered this weekend will be shipped Monday.


One Creative Queen said...

Woot! Go Brandon! That's awesome news - I hope things go well this weekend. And a sale?? Ah man...I'm going to go have to count my pennies!! I'm lovin that La Musee...gorgeous! xx

storybeader said...

beautiful pendant!