Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yay for cool people and good ideas!

Crystal Waterfall Peyote Pendant by Time2Cre8

Seems like almost every time I do a feature post I discover another way cool person on Etsy. This time I featured that stunningly cool Obama cuff (see post below!) and when I wrote to tell Mary Lou at Time2Cre8 about the feature I mentioned that I keep going back to look at it. Well, guess what... she suggested a trade, which I happily did, and now it's mine :) Yay! And I STILL keep going back to her shop and going "OOOOooooohhhhh...." all over again. Like the pendant above. Who'da thought you could take humble seed beads and make something that's totally black dress stunning? (not that I've stuffed myself in a black dress in years!). As it turns out, she even grew up in Cookeville about 30 miles from where I live now. If you haven't looked at her beadwork, GO DO IT. It's completely amazing.

Army Man Soap by Anniepoo

Hadn't planned on doing an item feature today but I ran across this while browsing the Time Machine (my name is Deanna, and I'm an Etsy addict...) and it's so crazy cool I had to mention it. These little army mans are coated with enough soap for one little bod washing, so once your lil guy is done soaping up he can be in ur base killing ur dudes and MIGHT actually get clean in the process... without leaving the soap in the water and wasting it, cause it's single use. After a few days he'll have a collection. What a cool idea! There's "booger soap" for single use hand washing, too. You KNOW she's got to have little boys, and I'm wondering if that just might get my 15-year-old to wash HIS hands on a regular basis. Check the other stuff in Annie's shop too... she's got molded soaps pretty enough for the guest room soap dish, and other stuff that 's fun enough, it might make you think about taking a soak to play with little mans yourself ;)


Crystal said...

hehe...thanks so much for featuring me! Actually I have three little girls but as dirty as they constantly are they might as well be boys!!! Thanks again!

:-) MaryLou said...

I'm excited about the trade! I'm glad the Obama cuff is going to someone who'll love it, and I'm getting some ultra-cool goodies in trade.

And those army men soaps? Hilarious!