Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Craft Show Report #2

Last weekend I shared a booth with Delavande at Sandbar Arts and Crafts Festival, Rock Island, Tennessee. A small fair, but the booth fee was beyond reasonable, and it had an extremely homey feel to it (complete with announcer with serious Tennessee accent that I sometimes found difficult to understand... and he kept encouraging people to go see the "erotic animals" in the petting zoo... think he meant something else.)

As far as sales go, I did not bad but not great. The above bracelet sold; people seem interested in copper as arthritis relief, and I think those six-in-one bracelets would be great, if it works. However, people in general definitely do not seem to be in a buying mood these days, for which I can't blame them, with all the media about how the economy is going down the crapper, and gas prices what they are (although they are down a bit). Saturday I did better on sales, Sunday I had the feeling people were wandering around looking vaguely at the displays, but not REALLY looking, if you know what I mean. Sad times, might get sadder.

On an amusing note, I had these pretty glass orb paperweights holding my earring display frame up. These always get lots of attention and I could've sold them several times over. In the afternoon, though, we got a lot of direct sun right on the booth, and well... the paperweights set the table on fire (so that DOES work!). Russ saw a little whisp of smoke, and when I went to take the tablecloth off, it was fused to the table with a hole and a burn mark. Yikes! Glad it was synthetic melty material and not something more flammable.

I did pick up some really nice stuff myself -- AMAZING homemade flavored cider, some really good goat's milk soap, a pendant that I intend to make into something spectacular with maille, and Russ couldn't stop raving about the homemade rock candy. Of course, I spent my profits and then some, but a good time was had by all.