Friday, October 24, 2008

Did you notice? It's election time!

With, I think, the most serious issues facing the US in my lifetime, this election is going to be the one that makes a really big difference in the future. Please, don't let yourself be without a say in the direction the future takes. Please vote on November 4. I make no secret about my Democratic leanings, but even if you're going to vote for McCain, vote!

In celebration of our choices in America, I give you a few nifty election-related, mostly humorous Etsy items.

Election 2008 Shadow Puppet Set by Orange Moon Toys

Is this not so cool! With this handy set you can reenact the debates they way they should've been!
"Your mama so fat, when they foreclosed on her house they couldn't fit her out the door!"
"Oooh, you so did not say that!"
"Did so!"
"Well MY plan is going to make it so your fat mama can STAY in her house!"

Yeah, I'm a responsible voter.

"If I'm Not a Real American" Button by Button Empire

This is in reference to Sarah Palin's little faux pas the other day: "We believe that the best of America is in these small towns... pockets of what I call real America, pro-America areas of this great nation." Sorry, fake American big city peeps. On a related note, Paper Machinations has a button that says, "Big City. Real American. Registered voter." Gov. Palin has since done her best to remove her foot from her mouth.

Obama Beadwoven Peyote Cuff by Time2Cre8

K not so much on the humor here. Have you ever noticed an election to have an instantly recognizable logo before? I thought this was a rather nifty candidate marketing technique and great design for embodying his whole "Hope" campaign theme. Maybe the logo's been done before and I didn't notice. Anyway I saw this cuff and went "OMG That's so cool!" because it is. You should buy it, because I'm a poor Democrat and can't afford to. But I would if I could!

Cthulhu for President Cross Stitch by Nrapture

I don't think I can say it better than the designer of this extremely cool cross stitch pattern. (which you can buy from her shop either as a pattern to make yourself, or a finished piece). If you vote for him, you'll have the privilege of being eaten last. Y'know if this was a button I'd probably buy it. Don't know who Cthulhu is? He'd be H.P. Lovecraft's ultimate embodiment of evil. Or you could just vote Republican.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm kidding! George Bush and his entourage aren't running this year.

One more time. PLEASE VOTE!!!!!