Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I love Christmas tree ornaments. I add a few every year, preferably handmade. This year I bought a snowy white lacquered egg with a wintry scene inside and glittered snow dripping from the edges of the opening... I love it and I wish the fabulously talented artist was on Etsy so I could share, but I got it at a craft show. Still, there's plenty of ornamental talent for your perusal. Start a new tradition... add a handmade ornament to your tree this year.

Polymer Clay Filigree Ornament by Starless

There are more of these stunning creations in Starless's shop, including a snowflake and a seahorse one, all of which are jaw-dropping gorgeous.

Iridescent Beaded Ornament Cover by June Moon Beads

I really wanted to do something like this this year but never got around to it. Guess I didn't need to... these are gorgeous. She has several others in her shop to match your tree's color scheme.

Handpainted Large Teardrop Mouthblown Ornament Set by GretaGEM

It was nearly impossible to choose one set of GretaGEM's ornaments to feature. You really must go look at her shop. Every one is a jewel... and she's done 3000 hand painted ornaments this year alone! (Not to mention, I was stunned that the prices on these beauties is so reasonable... you pay more at Hobby Lobby or Michael's for something made in China!)

Icy Elegance Quilled Snowflake by Forever Filigree

These are so pretty... put it on your tree, or add them to a wrapped present for a stunning presentation. Like real snowflakes, it seems like no two of these are alike, and everyone is uniquely beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Such absolutely gorgeous ornaments!! You have great taste. ;D