Friday, December 5, 2008

December's EtsyBlogger

Limited Edition Candy Cane Soap

Being a peppermint fanatic, I promise I'll be trying that soap. One of the best things about the holidays, is Peppermint.

I used to frequent Etsy's forums. There, I came across a soap maker asking the question: "Have you tried handmade soap? If not, why not?" Couldn't really answer that. Then Naiad kindly sent me a sample bar, and I was... am... hooked.

So I'll ask you the same question. Have you tried handmade soap? If not, why not? It's much gentler on your skin than store soap. The lather is dreamy. The scents are amazing. You'll stand around in the shower longer because it's so great. You'll never go to Bath & Body Works again. I swear to you I have laid in bed in that twilight between awake and asleep, trying to think of a good reason to get out of bed, and there have been a few times that handmade soap has been that reason.

I haven't tried Spotted Cow's soap yet, but like I said, I need that peppermint soap, so... I will be. But if I haven't, why should you?
1) Free sample with every order
2) 8 bars ship for the same flat rate
3) She does gift wrapping and gift baskets
4) On your gift list... who couldn't use soap? She has guy stuff too.
5) Not just soap... spa/bath accessories, bath bombs, kid soap, sugar scrub, crochet bath accessories, soy candles...

Seriously. If you haven't tried handmade soap spring for the 5 bucks, do yourself a favor, go buy. Your holiday stress (that you're not supposed to be having... see post below!) will wash away.

Oh, and check out her blog too!


SpottedCow said...

Thank you for the sweet feature. I'm loving how you decorated your blog for the holidays. :D