Monday, June 30, 2008

"Oh WOW" Etsy finds of the week.

Seems lots of people are featuring other Etsy sellers in their blogs, and even though I'm not usually one to succumb to peer pressure, I keep finding way to many things I like (I surf Etsy while I'm listening to doctors go 'um... um' when I'm typing) not to follow suit. SO! This will serve as sort of a combination feature of 'oh crap I wish I was this good' and 'oh crap I wish I could afford one of these' and 'I AM going to buy one of these one of these days if I could stop spending money on beads and little metal rings' and just plain 'freaking sweet!' items. Mostly stuff posted in the last week, preferably, but I may not be able to resist the urge to post other crazy cool stuff too. Oh, and at least one item each week will be chainmaille.

Without further adieu!

Maille and Kuchi Belt by A Case of Random

Doesn't it just make you want to shake your hips a little, just to see if they jingle? I'm working on a maille belt myself and I like the criss-crossy chains design, but what I especially like is the focal piece.

Merlinite Pendant by Verda's Muse

This is the kind of wire wrapping I'd love to be able to do. A gorgeous stone, mostly unobtrusive wire, but the little curlicue at the side accenting it perfectly like an intentionally tousled lock of hair. I had to look up merlinite, and it said it's a combination of white quartz and psilomelane (gesundheit!). Well, whatever... metaphysically it's supposed to augment the memories of wizards and scientists, so if you can't remember the recipe for the dinner you wanted to make tonight, go pick this up :)

Little Mermaids ACEO set of 2 by Ruby's Brush

It's a very good thing I've already said I'd post recently listed items here or I'd have never been able to choose one of Ruby's gorgeous paintings to feature. One of these need to be in my sea-themed bathroom :)
For those of you who feel as ignorant as I did until about a week or two ago in not knowing what ACEO is, it stands for Art Cards: Editions, Originals. So basically original artwork featured on a card. Which is, I think a fantastic way to feature original art. I am, of course, partial to fantasy artwork.
But you really should check out her other items.

Decorative Shelf with Stylized Flower Tile by L'esperance Tile Works

WOW.. I wish it wasn't such a lean month financially, I'd definitely find a place to put this. I've always been the sort of home decorator who loves the "Home Interiors" method of decorating... meaning I love to make groupings. A painting plus a sconce plus a shelf with some cute things on it.. a SHELF, and oh is this a pretty one. I think a painting next to it would be too much but a nice oak sconce with some pretty glass candle holder would look so lovely in my living room or hallway.
Really, honestly, I'm not a big ceramics person. I see things with $80 price tags on them so often at craft shows that make me go... "UGLY!" But every once in a while I find a ceramics artist who can really make mud sparkle. This is definitely one of them. Favorited. Will be buying stuff when I have moo-lah (like that ever happens). But you know, prices in this shop are really really reasonable.

There you have it, my picks for the week. Now go buy something!