Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obligatory "I'm Still Here" Post

I suppose from time to time everybody neglects their blog and then writes that "I haven't dropped off the face of the earth!" post. Well, this is mine.

May's always crazy. There's Mother's Day (hope all you moms had a great one), my husband's birthday, about three other birthdays, end of school...

I had our Middle School Renaissance faire a few weeks ago. I'm waiting for pictures from that, which I'll share when I can. It was a busy day, since in the morning I taught Renaissance dancing, in the afternoon I called the moves for our Human Chess Match and through the whole thing I (actually my wonderful hubby and friend Rachelle, mostly) ran a craft booth...

my friends Nate and Rachelle got married last week (happiness always! ... oh and check out Rachelle's Etsy Store HERE) (the picture above, they are about to get PELTED with bird seed)....

not to mention just gorgeous weather and wanting to get out more, except that the Blooming of Everything is making my allergies act up, which makes me REALLY tired, so there must be a daily nap.

So, weighed against all that, the blog got neglected. I'm sure you understand.

If you really miss hearing from me you should drop by my slightly less neglected Adventures of the Lack/Scott Family blog.

I will now return to finishing this custom bracelet that is annoying the heck out of me with its unevenness, and let you get back to your more interesting web surfing.

Happy spring!


CTG Ponies said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm definitely to check out your etsy store. I make jewelry too but mostly with bead work and I haven't gotten around to working on my etsy store.