Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let it Snow

It snows here in Tennessee, but on most days it's gone by noon. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the snow where I grew up in Cleveland. I'm not sure I'd rush back to it -- I don't miss shoveling the driveway or digging the car out in the morning -- but my wish for this season is one good, lasting Tennessee snow.

I have memories of cutting out snowflakes in paper, making beaded ones for Christmas tree ornaments, of snow angels and snowball fights and sled riding... in honor of those memories I present to you these Etsy items.

10 Snowflake Christmas Cards by Sarah Knight

These are so pretty... and because they're glittery I'm guessing the picture doesn't do them justice. Have you been sending Christmas cards the last few years? I confess I've neglected it, but I think I am going to remedy that this year. It's so nice to be remembered with a Christmas card, especially if, like me, you're not at home this holiday season. Sarah has these in a variety of color schemes, check them out.

Snowflake Fairytale Kitten Cameo by Spellbound Wings

This is an original print by the artist applied to a cameo... is it not adorable! It gives me visions of chainmaille settings to put it in, silver and deep blue... while you're visiting this cameo definitely check out Melissa's other items if you like cats or fantasy (or both!), her paintings are breathtaking and her jewelry is fantastic. Be sure to take a peek at the full sized print of this work of art and magic.

Snowflake-tini by Artistic-tini

I can just imagine standing around at a holiday party with a chilly martini in these fantastic hand painted glasses! Check the shop for tons of holiday and other themes handpainted onto glasses (not just martini glasses). I know I always say look at the shop, but these people are really talented! :)
I'm not sure the blue would match my beloved appletini or cosmopolitan so I'd probably have to go with the pepperberries and pine glasses.... now I'm really looking forward to that New Year's party!

Frosty Blue Snowflake Suncatcher Whirl by Creations in Glass

I was pretty sure when I started this blog post that I would feature something in glass. Snowflakes are so crystalline, it's hard to imagine not portraying them in glass. Well, Creations in Glass has done a gorgeous job. If I had a sunny window (sadly, I don't... all my big windows are north-facing) like my mom's house I can just imagine the morning sunshine dancing off this and throwing sparkles all over a room. You need that in the winter, especially up north!

If you live where you get a solid few months of winter, instead of grumbling the next time the snow falls, pause for a moment and enjoy the wonder of it. The way it coats the trees, the way it sparkles as it falls, the pristine perfection of it new fallen. Then take the kids out and do something fun this winter and think of us poor snowless people here in the south :)